February 24, 2015

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Did you know there are now 252 phones for every 100 people in the United Arab Emirates?[1]

On a global scale the region is home to some of the highest levels of smartphone penetration in the world[2] (74%), considerably higher than the likes of countries such as the USA and Canada and almost 10% higher than in the UK. Perhaps you might find this surprising?

Before making the move to Dubai I’d have thought the same – my image of Dubai was one of a sandy concrete metropolis that was more famous for having the tallest, biggest and best buildings in the world than being known for its pioneering campaigns.

Yet on moving to the region, it’s clear to me that both the brands and media here are out to inspire.

But while undoubtedly there’s still work to be done, the UAE, and indeed the Middle East has a real hunger to lead the way. Just like its savvy smartphone population which has been quick to embrace advances in technology, there is a strong ambition from brands and media to push the boundaries on tried and tested traditional content, and become pioneers in an altogether different capacity.

There is a sense of urgency to catch up. Media and brands alike want to be famous in their own way. Innovation, which has indeed become the watchword of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s vision for 2015 has filtered down; there is a hunger to be trailblazing in terms of creating new and exciting campaigns to engage new and core audiences.

And what’s not to get excited about? With the World Expo 2020 win under its belt, the Smart Cities initiative and news that Dubai is now the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers, the region is in a strong position.

So where are the opportunities? Well, for one, harnessing the power of mobile represents a huge opportunity for brands to communicate to core and new audiences – whether that’s internal or external. The hugely successful #MyDubai initiative, which continues to create a virtual autobiography of Dubai – is underpinned by mobile – inviting people to upload their pictures and videos to social media.

What’s more, news that the Burj Khalifa has been voted in the top three destinations in the world for selfies again shows the power of mobile as a means to help profile a destination.  And excitingly, indeed even the New Year’s Eve fireworks 2014 saw a first for the region – the event itself was streamed live to tablet and laptop devices so an online mobile audience could view the spectacular display.

So what’s next? With the pathway firmly being set for a year of innovation, what’s clear is that brands will continue to push the boundaries in terms of delivering bolder campaigns in order to create new ways to interact with audiences. This positivity is setting a precedence that’s infectious. In the race to be providing the most creative driven content, maybe soon the world will look towards the Middle East for inspiration.

This article has been contributed by Cheryl King, General Manager of markettiers4dc MENA (@cherylking45).

Cheryl’s UK experience includes delivering a number of live streaming events for brands directly to social media channels via mobile devices (including working on Britain’ first ever exclusive Facebook concert with Eliza Doolittle for Carphone Warehouse). Upon moving to Dubai, Cheryl believes the huge proliferation of smartphones and growth in social media is providing a key opportunity for brands to harness its potential.


[1] Steve Smith, Arabian Radio Network, Broadcast Conference 2015

February 12, 2015

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It’s celebrations all round for YouTube as it turns ten years old this Saturday.


YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video sharing website and is accessed by over 1 billion users each month, with 100 hours of content being uploaded every minute.

The site has come a long way since it was founded by three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in a makeshift office in a garage. After getting off to a bit of shaky start, YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 which contributed to the site’s rapid growth. Though the exact figures are not made public, a report by Jefferies & Co has suggested that Youtube is now worth up to $40 billion.



• The average length of the most viewed YouTube videos is 31-120 seconds
• The best days to post YouTube videos are Thursday and Friday
• 40% of YouTube content is viewed via a mobile device
• The most popular user is PewDiePie who has 33+ million subscribers to his channel
• The most popular video is Gangnam Style by Psy which received over 2.2. billion views
• Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ music video was removed after receiving 3.1 million dislikes
• The first video to be uploaded was ‘Me at the zoo’ which can still be viewed on the site today.


As well as being a platform for traditional media owners to host content from their shows, from a brand perspective YouTube has provided one of the biggest opportunities for creativity and engagement. Many organisations have enjoyed ‘going viral’ over the years with clever videos; Old Spice, Air New Zealand and Evian to name a few. See below for some of our favourites…




Bodyform – Bodyform responds: The Truth

Three UK – #DancePonyDance

Adidas – ‘It’s Blue, What Else Matters’

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

Sport England – This Girl Can

February 5, 2015

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The latest Rajar results have been released revealing a number of significant developments for UK stations.

The radio marketplace

  • 47.9 million UK adults are tuning in to radio each week, up by approximately 237,000 adults since the last quarter
  • On average a listener tunes into 21.3 hours of live radio per week
  • 52% of listeners are now tuning in to radio via a digitally enabled receiver (DAB, DTV, online)
  • 22% of adults claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month. Up 38% Year on Year
  • 37% of 15-24’s currently receive updates on social media about their favourite Radio Station/Presenter

Top RAJAR stories

  • Kiss is now London’s leading commercial station in terms of weekly listeners, pulling in 1.91 million per week in the final quarter of the year. Capital drops to second place with 1.86 million weekly listeners and in third place is Heart London with 1.78 million
  • BBC Radio 2 has kept its position as the most popular station, with 15.28 million listeners, while BBC Radio 4 holds onto second place with an audience of 10.76 million, after overtaking BBC Radio 1 in the previous quarter
  • BBC Radio 6 Music has become the first digital-only station to achieve 2 million weekly listeners
  • Chris Evans continues to win the battle of breakfast with 9.6 million listeners, adding over 300,000 since Q3

The detail:

BBC National


BBC Radio 1

The breakfast show has been a focus of attention since Grimshaw took over from Chris Moyles in 2012 – the slot was up 1.4% on Q3, although, over the last year, has witnessed a -6.2% decline. The listenership for the station stood at 10.43m, down 4.9% year-on-year as well as shrinking 1.1% on last quarter. Its share was 6.6%, down from 6.9% (in both Q3 14 and Q4 13).


BBC Radio 1Xtra

1Xtra’s reach was up, growing 1.5% YoY and 5% over the previous quarter to 1.11m.


BBC Radio 2

Chris Evans’ breakfast slot continued to dominate, upping its weekly reach from the Q3 by 3.2% over the period – an increase of 297,000 listeners. Year on year, the picture is slightly different, down -2.2%, still at 9.6 million listeners each week, Chris is still the man to beat. As a station, Radio 2’s reach was up 1.8% compared to Q3, but its figure of 15.28m represented a year-on-year drop of 1.5%.
BBC Radio 3
Radio 3 edged its audience over the two million mark but is still pulling in fewer listeners than the digital-only service 6 Music. The classical music station has 2.03 million listeners in the last three months of last year, up from 1.91 million the quarter before.

BBC Radio 4
The Today Programme was up slightly, at 1.1% this quarter, whilst recording a -5.2% decline over the last year. Maintaining its second place ranking behind Chris Evans, the station draws in almost 6.8 million listeners each week.

BBC Radio 5Live (and Sports Extra)
With less sport to cover over the last few months, 5 Live (including sports extra) was down -6.9% quarter on quarter and -12.6% year on year, most of this decline as a result of 5Live sports extra on its own, which was down a huge -46% quarter on quarter and -26.1% year on year.
BBC Asian Network
BBC Asian Network remained the biggest Asian radio station in the UK. Posting 619,000 listeners for the quarter. It was down by 10,000 listeners which may be a result of some amendments to its programming. Its listening hours remained at 6.6.


BBC 6 Music
6 Music edged over its goal of two million weekly listeners in the fourth quarter of 2014. The radio station’s reach hit 2.08 million, up 4.5% from Q3 – a 6.2% increase year-on-year. However, 6 Music’s share dipped from 1.7% to 1.6% year-on-year.


BBC Regional

Most BBC local radio stations have taken a mild drop in overall reach reflecting the rise of integrated news offerings from regional media outlets and subsequently the changes in media consumption seen this year. However, a number of stations such as BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Suffolk and BBC Gloucestershire have all seen increases in listeners since Q3.



The number of weekly listeners to BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru rose in the last three months of 2014. Figures for October to December last year show BBC Radio Wales had a weekly audience of 427,000. That is a rise of 29,000 compared to the number who listened between July and September 2014. Cymru’s weekly listeners increased slightly to 106,000, a rise of 1,000 on the record low audience figures in the previous three months.



BBC Radio Scotland is on an upward trend with 888,000 reach and continues to be the biggest radio station in the country.






Signal 107

Signal 107 has increased listeners by 68% year on year and 46% quarter on quarter, and growing average hours by 56% since this time in the previous year.


Juice FM

Juice FM in Liverpool has posted double digit increases across the board. Listening hours have increased by 56% year on year and 33% quarter on quarter.


Pulse 1&2

Pulse 1 & 2 have seen growth on all fronts, with average hours up 55% year on year and 41% since Q3, and listener reach increased by 21% year on year and 7% quarter on quarter.


Wire FM

Wire FM has almost doubled its average hours with a 93% increase year on year.


Other UTV

Swansea Sound in South Wales has more people tuning in with their reach growing 21% year on year. There are increases at Tower FM, Signal 1 and Radio Wave too. Peak 107 continues to lose listeners though, down from 98,000 listeners to 87,000 quarter on quarter.


Bauer Radio

Bauer Radio (including Orion) maintained the second spot with a weekly reach of almost 17 million, while Bauer Radio’s total portfolio, in third place, secured a little over 16 million following an 11.3% year on year boost.


Heat Radio
Heat saw its reach up 31.8% YoY to 941,000 compared to 714,000 in Q4 2013, although the station was down 2.5% compared to 965,000 in Q3 2014.

Absolute Radio

The main Absolute Radio service drops from 1.872 million to 1.708. At breakfast, the Absolute Radio Network stood at 1,616,000 in Q4 2014, which was up compared to 1,436,000 in Q3 13 but down from 1,758,000 in Q3 2014. In London, Absolute claimed a reach of 694,000 in the fourth quarter of 2014, down 14.2% year-on-year and down 13.1% quarter-on-quarter. Its London share stood at 1.9% compared to 2.3% over the same period in 2013.

Magic showed a quarterly dip, losing 10% of its audience between Q3 and Q4 as figures fell to 1.76 million from 1.96 million. However, year on year, the station remained stable, adding 0.4 per cent to its reach. The loss of the breakfast DJ Neil Fox hasn’t affected the station’s morning audience, as it grew 13 per cent period on period to 884,000 in the final quarter of 2014.



Bauer’s Kiss Network is a new combined entry for Rajar, replacing the Kiss UK brand adding Kerrang! and Heat to its weekly reach figures.  The combination sees the network kick off with a reach of more than 6.1 million weekly listeners – 1.3 million more than the previous incarnation Kiss UK

Kiss Fresh claimed a reach of 457,000 , which was up 18.1% year-on-year but down 19.1% quarter-on-quarter. Kisstory was up 13.4% YoY to 1,051,000.


Other Bauer
In Northern Ireland, Downtown Radio is up on reach to 21% and has posted its highest hours in recent years. Sister station Cool FM is down quarter on quarter and year on year but remains the biggest commercial station in the area with 361,000 listeners.

Global Radio

Total Global Radio (UK) maintained its dominance over the national and networks with 21.2 million listeners on average. Although the network saw very little change over the quarter (-0.2%), it was up a healthy 6.2% year on year.


Global Heart Network recorded a 0.4% quarterly decline but increased its weekly reach by almost a quarter at 23.8% compared with Q4 2013, with its weekly reaching 9.4 million, a result of the Real Radio stations rebranding to Heart.  In London the station has its biggest hours in recent times after recovering from a major drop last quarter but goes to 5th place in terms of reach. In the regions, seven stations went down, two stayed the same and nine increased listeners, including Scotland, North East, North West, Yorkshire and West Midlands. The station’s breakfast show with Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton made up some of the ground it lost in the previous quarter by winning an additional 160,000 listeners, taking their audience to 681,000.


LBC Network saw a steady increase over the quarter, up 3.4%, with 1.3m reach nationwide, back up over a million in London. In contrast, LBC News 1152 dropped 80,000 listeners to 254,000 in the last three months.



The XFM Network is down this quarter from 988,000 to 941,000 weekly reach but is up year-on-year. London had a small increase but Manchester went from 298,000 listeners to 222,000 in the last three months.



The Capital Network lost reach quarter-on-quarter, and goes behind KISS in London, but keeps the number 1 breakfast show on commercial radio in London with Dave and Lisa. At the stations, five Capitals lost listeners (London, NE, North West & Wales, Scotland, South Coast), one stayed the same (South Wales) and four (EM, Birmingham, Manchester, Yorkshire) went up.

Capital XTRA has achieved an increase in London, now with 411,000 listeners compared with 323,000 last quarter. The national audience stays the same at 809,000 weekly reach.

Classic FM

Good performance from Classic with a 7.1% quarter on quarter increase resulting in (just under) 5.6 million weekly listeners, which is an addition of 370,000 listeners in the last three months of 2014, fairly steady year-on-year. There have also been significant audience increases for Classic FM’s weekday programming.  Since taking on the station’s afternoon show in September, Anne-Marie Minhall is now listened to by 2.6 million people and increase of 229,000.


Smooth Radio

Good performance at Smooth as the London station is up on all measures and now has 760,000 listeners, from 742,000 in the last quarter. This time last year it had 441,000 listeners in London. Nationally, Smooth has 4.8m listeners with 2m of those on digital.

Orion Media
Free Radio

Free Radio Birmingham and Black Country has recorded its worst ever reach, down to 314k from 380k last quarter. Hours has also dropped 27% quarter on quarter. Free Radio Coventry is stable year on year for reach but hours are down dramatically quarterly and yearly. Free Radio Herefordshire and Worcestershire is down 25% in hours year on year whilst Shropshire is down 22%.




Jack FM

Around the JACK stations, Oxford is down 26% year on year in reach, shedding 22,000 listeners. South Coast and Bristol stay roughly the same, along with Berkshire, but JACK FM Swindon continues to grow and once again posts its best ever figures for the frequency of 42,000 weekly reach



UKRD Overview

Pirate is down a little in reach, Eagle Radio is up a little, The Bee takes a dip from 55,000 listeners to 44,000 this quarter, and Wessex FM is on a growing trend with an impressive 43% reach.



Lincs FM continues to bring in a large audience, with 322,000 weekly listeners, up year on year and quarter on quarter. Dearne FM however has been losing listeners after a spike 18 months ago. The station now has 43,000 listeners compared with 60,000 a year ago.



Anglian Radio Overview

The latest numbers show a weekly reach to the Anglian stations of 235,000 (23%) listeners. That number rises to 358,000 a month, and 452,000 a quarter. Total listening hours also broke through the two million mark.
Town 102 achieved its best ever results – with 68,000 weekly listeners, & over half a million listening hours. Celebrations too in Norwich, where Radio Norwich 99.9 grew its audience, hours & market share. Dream 100 also saw rises across the board (including a 13% market share), & at The Beach which also increased its audience year on year.



KMFM has recorded one of its best ever listening figures, with more than 177,000 adults tuning in each week, an increase of 24,000 from last year. Listeners are now tuning in on average 8.5 hours each week across the county …up 70% up on total listening hours YoY. The KMFM Breakfast Show with Garry & Emma has added another 5000 listeners the second successive increase since it launched last summer.




BBC Radio 1                                       10,433,000

BBC Radio 2                                       15,283,000

BBC Radio 3                                       2,030,000

BBC Radio 4                                       10,760,000

BBC Radio 4 Extra                             1,721,000

BBC Radio 5 live                                5,610,000

BBC Radio 5 live sports extra            657,000

BBC 6 Music                                       2,084,000

BBC 1Xtra                                           1,110,000

BBC Asian Network UK                     619,000

BBC World Service                            1,363,000


Absolute Radio                                    1,708,000

Classic FM                                          5,570,000

Heat                                                    941,000

The Hits                                               814,000

Jazz FM                                              511,000

Kerrang!                                              904,000

Kiss Fresh                                           457,000

Kisstory                                               1,051,000

Planet Rock                                        1,115,000

talkSPORT                                         3,005,000

BBC Radio Scotland                           888,000

BBC Radio Ulster                               569,000

BBC Radio Wales                               427,000

BBC Radio Cymru                              106,000

BBC Radio Berkshire                         92,000

BBC Radio Bristol                               151,000

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire               107,000

BBC Radio Cornwall                           153,000

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire      86,000

BBC Radio Cumbria                           106,000

BBC Radio Derby                               125,000

BBC Radio Devon                              212,000

BBC Essex                                         213,000

BBC Radio Gloucestershire               94,000

BBC Hereford & Worcester                122,000

BBC Radio Humberside                     161,000

BBC Radio Kent                                 195,000

BBC Radio Lancashire                       193,000

BBC Radio Leeds                               216,000

BBC Radio Leicester                          171,000

BBC Radio Lincolnshire                      115,000

BBC London 94.9                               483,000

BBC Radio Manchester                      228,000

BBC Radio Merseyside                      317,000

BBC Radio Newcastle                        307,000

BBC Radio Norfolk                             194,000

BBC Radio Northampton                    75,000

BBC Radio Nottingham                      150,000

BBC Radio Oxford                             95,000

BBC Radio Sheffield                          242,000

BBC Radio Shropshire                       105,000

BBC Radio Solent                               275,000

BBC Somerset                                    71,000

BBC Radio Stoke                               126,000

BBC Radio Suffolk                             135,000

BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey            274,000

BBC Radio Tees                                 141,000

BBC Three Counties Radio                158,000

BBC WM (Birmingham)                     211,000

BBC Radio Wiltshire/Swindon            65,000

BBC Radio York                                 80,000

BBC Radio Guernsey                         24,000

BBC Radio Jersey                              31,000



Radio Aire                                           117,000

107.8 Arrow FM for Hastings             15,000

107.6 Banbury Sound                         15,000

The Bay                                              99,000

THE BEACH                                       59,000

The Bee                                              44,000

Radio Borders (Bauer Borders)          57,000

2BR                                                     58,000

The Breeze (Basingstoke)                  50,000

The Breeze (Cheltenham)                  18,000

The Breeze (Solent)                            74,000

The Breeze South West (BristolBath) 90,000

The Breeze (Yeovil/Shaftesbury)       58,000

106.3 Bridge FM                                 43,000

Capital Birmingham                            465,000

Capital East Midlands                         514,000

Capital London                                    1,869,000

Capital Manchester                             533,000

Capital North East                               478,000

Capital North West and Wales            174,000

Capital Scotland                                  498,000

Capital South Coast                            180,000

Capital South Wales                           208,000

Capital XTRA (London)                      411,000

Capital Yorkshire                                1,094,000

Radio Carmarthenshire/Scarlet FM   39,000

Central FM                                          46,000

Radio Ceredigion                                18,000

C.F.M (Bauer Carlisle)                        108,000

Channel 103 FM                                 48,000

Cheshire’s Silk 106.9                          27,000

Chester’s Dee 106.3                           36,000

Radio City                                           376,000

City Talk 105.9                                    81,000

Citybeat 96.7/102.5FM                       130,000

Clyde 1                                                479,000

Clyde 2                                                129,000

Connect DAB                                      8,000

Connect FM                                        36,000

Cool FM                                              361,000

Dearne FM                                          43,000

Downtown Radio (DTR)                     307,000

Dream 100                                          37,000

96.4 Eagle Radio                                135,000

Eagle Extra                                         5,000

Radio Essex DAB                               54,000

Radio Exe                                           22,000

Fire Radio                                           45,000

3FM                                                     27,000

Forth 1                                                 337,000

Forth 2                                                 59,000

Free Radio FM (Birmingham)            314,000

Free Radio FM (Cov & Warc)            99,000

Free Radio FM (H & W)                     89,000

Free Radio FM (Shrops)                     82,000

Gem 106 (East Midlands)                   465,000

Hallam FM                                          381,000

Heart Cambridgeshire                        228,000

Heart Cornwall                                    97,000

Heart East Anglia                                284,000

Heart Essex                                        405,000

Heart Four Counties                           451,000

Heart Kent                                           383,000

Heart London                                      1,783,000

Heart North East                                 330,000

Heart North Wales                              107,000

Heart North West                                576,000

Heart Scotland                                    496,000

Heart Solent                                        278,000

Heart South Wales                              497,000

Heart South West                               396,000

Heart Sussex                                      370,000

Heart Thames Valley                          318,000

Heart West Country                            678,000

Heart West Midlands                          770,000

Heart Yorkshire                                   460,000

IOW Radio                                          42,000

Island FM 104.7                                  33,000

Jack FM South Coast                         230,000

JACK fm (Swindon)                           42,000

106 JACKfm (Bristol)                         113,000

106 JACKfm (Oxford)                        64,000

107 JACK fm Berkshire                     18,000

JACKfm 2 Oxford                              41,000

107.6 Juice FM                                   234,000

KCFM                                                 83,000

Key 103                                               458,000

Kingdom FM                                       55,000

Kiss (East)                                           433,000

Kiss (London)                                      1,912,000

Kiss (West)                                          479,000

KL.FM 96.7                                         49,000

KMFM                                                 177,000

Lakeland Radio                                   19,000

LBC 97.3                                             1,091,000

LBC News 1152                                  254,000

Lincs FM 102.2                                   322,000

Lyca Dil Se 1035 AM                          70,000

Lyca Radio 1458 AM                          125,000

Magic (London)                                   1,763,000

Magic 1152 (Manchester)                  89,000

Magic 1152 (Newcastle)                     110,000

Magic 1161 (Hull)                               75,000

Magic 1170 (Teesside)                       78,000

Magic 1548 (Liverpool)                       82,000

Magic 828 (Leeds)                              97,000

Magic 999 (Preston)                           25,000

Magic AM (Sheffield)                         121,000

Radio Mansfield 103.2                        40,000

Manx Radio                                        40,000

Metro Radio                                        413,000

Minster FM                                          62,000

Mix 96                                                 46,000

Moray Firth Radio                               116,000

Nation Hits!                                         42,000

Nation Radio                                       176,000

North Norfolk Radio                            20,000

Northsound 1                                      129,000

Northsound 2                                      41,000

Norwich 99.9fm                                  51,000

Oak FM                                               36,000

Original 106 (Aberdeen)                     85,000

Palm FM                                             35,000

Peak 107 FM                                      87,000

102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire               45,000

Pirate FM                                            160,000

Planet Rock (West Midlands)             194,000

Radio Plymouth                                  47,000

Premier Christian Radio                     189,000

The Pulse                                            145,000

Pulse 2                                                41,000

Q Radio Network                                121,000

106.1 Real XS Manchester                121,000

96.2 The Revolution                            31,000

Ridings FM                                          45,000

Rock FM                                             284,000

Rother FM                                           30,000

Rugby FM                                           20,000

Signal 107                                           67,000

Signal One                                          280,000

Signal Two                                          68,000

Smooth Radio Cambridgeshire          35,000

Smooth Radio Devon                         44,000

Smooth Radio East Anglia                  52,000

Smooth Radio East Midlands             387,000

Smooth Radio Essex                          35,000

Smooth Radio Four Counties             70,000

Smooth Radio Kent                            50,000

Smooth Radio London                        760,000

Smooth Radio North East                   471,000

Smooth Radio North West                  1,127,000

Smooth Radio North West/Wales       74,000

Smooth Radio Scotland                      347,000

Smooth Radio Solent                          46,000

Smooth Radio South Wales               58,000

Smooth Radio Sussex                        68,000

Smooth Radio Thames Valley            41,000

Smooth Radio West Country              116,000

Smooth Radio West Midlands            505,000

Southend & Chelmsford Radio           56,000

107.5 Sovereign Radio                       21,000

Spire FM                                             38,000

Spirit FM                                             56,000

Star North East                                   54,000

97.2 Stray FM                                     47,000

Sun FM                                               75,000

Sunrise Radio                                     269,000

Swansea Sound – 1170 MW               69,000

Tay 2                                                   68,000

Tay FM                                               151,000

TFM Radio                                          187,000

Time FM 106.6                                   21,000

96.2 Touch FM – Coventry                 23,000

Touch FM Staffs                                 33,000

102 Touch FM                                    50,000

107.4 Tower FM                                 43,000

Town 102 FM                                      68,000

Trax FM                                              80,000

U105                                                   189,000

Viking FM                                            208,000

96.4 FM The Wave                             138,000

Radio Wave 96.5 FM                          74,000

Wave 105 FM                                     366,000

Wessex FM                                         53,000

West Sound                                        185,000

107.2 Wire FM                                    57,000

102.4 Wish FM                                    64,000

XFM London                                       440,000

XFM Manchester                                222,000

XFM Scotland                                     38,000

Yorkshire Coast Radio                        52,000



January 27, 2015

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The broadcast landscape is undergoing its greatest significant change in 25 years, creating new opportunities for PRs to drive coverage for brands. This is the result of a number of factors, including the rise in consumption of digital media, audience shifts to mobile and post-recession mergers and acquisitions. Here are some recent changes and upcoming news to look out for in 2015.


There have been a number of developments across the BBC and commercial broadcast networks that will impact on audiences in 2015. New channels continue to be launched, alongside changes to programming on a national and regional level.

Overhaul of ITV Daytime

ITV’s flagship daytime programmes have all seen changes to attract a young female audience. Daybreak was replaced with the more news-focussed Good Morning Britain; Loose Women enlisted younger presenters and This Morning was overhauled to be more topical and less sensational. A new chat show with Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins is launching this January which will feature celebrity guests, experts and people in the news.

National BBC Radio

Radio 4 is building its younger listenership. Producers are on the hunt for lighter news items, stories about entertainment and technology for example.

Radio 5 live is in the process of a programme revamp. There have already been content and presenter changes on Drive with many more to come in 2015.

Community Radio

The growth in community stations is set to continue in 2015. As the once independent commercial stations are eaten up by large radio groups such as Global’s Capital and Heart, community stations are now the most relevant source of truly ‘local’ programming.

Sky News iPad app

The new app offers exclusive content not available on TV, as a result of more people now viewing breaking stories via App rather than on TV.

Forces TV (run by BFBS)

BFBS has launched a 24 hour rolling news TV channel which is available on Sky, Virgin Media and Freesat, Forces TV features news and features about life in the armed forces.

BBC News £20m cuts

BBC News is undergoing many developments which will provide increasing opportunities for PRs of which to take advantage. The department is making £20m cuts which will mean producers will be more reliant on organisations supplying their own content.

General Election

The general election will undoubtedly be a great coverage opportunity for organisations which have relevant discussion points. Equally broadcasters will also have a need for lighter stories for editorial balance.


Traditional broadcasters are adapting to consumers’ changing media habits. With mobile media breaking the news, stations are now offering integrated programming across traditional and digital channels.


Serial podcast: 5 million downloads per episode

Topping download charts, podcasts are now attracting audiences in their thousands and millions. Often overlooked by PRs, many podcasts have audiences on a par with highly read blogs. One extremely popular podcast from the creators of This American Life is Serial. Serial delves under the skin of a real-life conviction of an American teenager week by week. Each aspect of the trial is analysed by host, Sarah Koening.


YouTube content continues to rise in popularity, particularly amongst the younger generations.

Vice News Channel:

1,068,341 viewers

Vice Media launched Vice News which broadcasts daily news updates, trailers and documentaries via their YouTube channel. Targeting a younger demographic, the channel highlights ‘News Beyond the Headlines’.


AJ+: Broadcast channel for ‘tech natives’

Another media brand looking to engage the millennial generation is AJ+, a global platform from Al Jazeera media network available on YouTube, mobile app and social media. News stories are presented in ‘stacks’ of rich media cards which prioritise interactive content over text.

BBC Radio 5 live ‘In Short

Last year BBC 5 live launched ‘In Short’ which features bite sized clips of the most popular interviews, news and sport each week.


BBC+1: launching 2015

With BBC+1 launching this coming year, the main public service broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) will have a 58.7% share of TV viewing when the new breed of “timeshifted” channels is included – this will create more OTS for PR driven TV coverage.

For more insight about how broadcast media can be harnessed to achieve coverage on behalf of your brand or organisation please contact info@markettiers4dc.com to request a complimentary broadcast workshop with one of our experts.

January 21, 2015

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Check out the latest ONWARD newsletter…

This edition features insight into changes and opportunities in broadcast media this year, and includes: an exclusive interview with the Breakfast producer at Kiss FM; recent case studies of projects with Co-operative Food, Santander, Nissan and Sage Appliances; and all the latest news from markettiers4dc.

View online or request a printed copy by contacting us here.

November 13, 2014

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This blog has been contributed by Account Manager Lucy Davies, @lucypdavies.

On Tuesday 11th November a merry band of markettiers duly donned our glad rags to join our PR-ing peers at the annual PRCA Awards.  Nominated in the Healthcare campaign category for Bayer’s SlimeWatch campaign, alongside our print counterparts Pegasus, and against ourselves in the Broadcast award, for Bayer’s Hound Waves and our work for law firm Slater and Gordon, we joined our clients in excited anticipation at London’s Hilton Park Lane for the event.

Our compere for the evening was Heart London’s breakfast presenter Jamie Theakston.  Jovial, amusing and surprisingly tall, Jamie was a fitting presenter for the event, knowing only too well the benefits of a good PR team…

One of the first Awards on the agenda was for Best Healthcare Campaign, for which we were shortlisted in the agency category.  First to be announced was the winner in the in-house category – RNIB’s I Am There campaign, which we also had the pleasure to work with the charity on.  And a triumph in the agency category took the total Awards haul for SlimeWatch to a fantastic six across a range of industry awards including the CIPR Excellence Awards, In2 SABREs and PRWeek Awards.

Next up, markettiers4dc Managing Director Helen Moore took to the stage to present the Best Media Relations Award – to Brands2Life and The British Heart Foundation for agency and in-house respectively.

And the last of our excitement for the evening came with the announcement of the shortlist for the Best Broadcast Award – with the Bayer, Slater and Gordon and markettiers4dc teams waiting with baited breath.  The winner was announced as Slater and Gordon with markettiers4dc for a sustained media relations campaign that has seen brand recognition for the Australian law firm rise from 2% to 37% in a 12-month period.

A fantastic result all round, congratulations to all the team members who worked on the winning campaigns, BRING ON THE CORPCOMMS AWARDS…

November 4, 2014

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Share Radio launches today on Greater London DAB and broadband. The new station focusses on delivering programming that helps people to manage their money and investments.

Comprising of news, views and interviews, Share radio will cover a variety of finance related topics to empower people to make confident decisions, such as household finance, pensions and current affairs.

Gavin Oldham, Managing Director of Share Radio said:

“Our aim is to create a varied and engaging media channel that helps people feel better informed and better able to make financial decisions, no matter what their starting point. At a time when people need and want to manage their money and investment matters for themselves, we want to help make decisions easier and more rewarding.

“For listeners from all walks of life, Share Radio will provide a way to connect to experts, to peers and to industry decision makers. We’ll provide hard hitting news and views as well as entertainment and inspiration. We’re looking forward to sharing ideas about money to foster greater confidence in financial matters.”

October 30, 2014

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Today sees further evidence suggesting that London is the broadcast capital of the world, as RT – formerly Russia Today – launches its dedicated UK channel in the capital.

The Kremlin-backed station, which already airs its international programming on UK freeview and satellite, will now provide five hours of bespoke programming relevant to UK audiences each day, with a promise to “dissect the implications of major international developments for UK audiences”.

Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase of international broadcasters, such as Al Jazeera, targeting UK audiences via their own channels. Consequently, this is creating more opportunities for PRs to drive international coverage on behalf of brands.

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said: “It has always been RT’s goal to bring new perspectives to our viewers – to show them the side of the story they won’t see on the mainstream channels.”

The new UK RT will be presented by British news anchor Bill Dod, US financial commentator Max Keiser, and journalist and talkshow host Afshin Rattansi – to name a few.

RT international spans three news channels in English, Spanish and Arabic, including Washington-based RT America. It claims to be available to more than 700 million viewers in more than 100 countries.

For a full overview of the international broadcast landscape and stations in London, please click here to request a copy of our recent Global Broadcast Landscape report or speak to a member of the international team.

October 23, 2014

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The latest RAJAR results have been released revealing a number of significant developments for UK stations.

The radio marketplace

  • 9 out of 10 UK adults, or 46.7 million, tune in to radio each week
  • 51% of listeners use a digital device to listen to radio at least once a week, whilst 37.8% of all radio listening is via digital platforms
  • 21% of adults listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month, up 45% YOY
  • 20% of the adult population currently receive updates about their favourite radio station/presenter via social media, with the figure rising to 37% of 15-24s

Top RAJAR stories

  • BBC Radio 4 has increased its reach to overtake BBC Radio 1 with just under 11 million listeners, suggesting a growing appetite for speech-based news and culture stories over pop music. The Editor of the Today Programme has recently commented that the station is now trying to attract a younger demographic
  • BBC 6 Music is up 5.4%, QOQ, to over 1.9 million listeners and, over the year, the station has seen a 15.2% increase. Lauren Laverne has helped take BBC Radio 6 Music to its biggest-ever audience, overtaking BBC Radio 3 in the process
  • Capital Breakfast with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon remains top of the London breakfast rankings, with 1 million listeners; Magic is up to second with 781,000, whilst Kiss is up to 3rd on 689,000
  • Bauer’s network of stations including Magic, Kiss and HeatRadio is still out-performing BBC Radio 2 for a third consecutive quarter after the acquisition of national player, Absolute Radio last year. Over the last 12 months the network has seen a 13.3% growth rate

The detail:

BBC National

BBC Radio 1 (& 1Xtra)

Nick Grimshaws Breakfast Show on Radio 1 secured 5.82 million weekly listeners, placing his show 3rd nationally. Grimshaw’s breakfast show has faced turbulent times since he took over from Chris Moyles in 2012, and while the third quarter saw average weekly listeners drop by -2.5%, the show was up 4.3% compared with this time last year to shine a glimmer of hope for the station.

Ben Cooper, who also oversees digital sibling station 1Xtra, said Radio 1 was “leading the industry in becoming a multiplatform youth brand”, including a YouTube channel with more than 1.6 million subscribers and plans for a Radio 1 channel on the BBC’s iPlayer, adding the Rajar figures “only tell part of the story. I’m very pleased that in the traditionally difficult summer quarter, the Radio 1 Breakfast Show has 240,000 new listeners in the year.

“1Xtra reaches over 1 million people, and our audience is listening for longer.”

BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 2, almost neck and neck with the whole of Bauer’s network, has a little over 15 million weekly listeners, a slight drop of -3.1% since the second quarter. The station, home to popular breakfast host Chris Evans and daytime debater Jeremy Vine, was up just 0.5% over the year. Chris Evans’ breakfast show continued to dominate the nationals despite posting -6.1% over the period, dropping by 600,000 weekly listeners, and -0.5% year on year, finishing the third quarter with a weekly reach of 9.3 million.

BBC Radio 3
In contrast to the -21.8% quarter on quarter (QoQ) drop that the station recorded last quarter, BBC Radio Three was up 4.2% this time round and up 2.8% over the year, Radio 3, whose new controller Alan Davey has vowed the station will not be “dumbed down” when he takes over in the new year.

BBC Radio 4
This quarter saw BBC Radio 4 (including 4 Extra) improve its reach by 1.2% to overtake BBC Radio 1 (which dropped -2.5%). In a triumph of politics and culture over pop songs and youth, BBC Radio 4 (including 4 Extra) has a weekly reach just shy of 11 million listeners. BBC Radio 1 has almost 10.6 million. Maintaining its second position, with a weekly reach of 6.7 million listeners, was the breakfast show. Radio 4 had 10.6 million listeners each week on average, with 6.7 million tuning in to the Today programme, marginally down year on year. Radio 4 Extra was the second biggest digital-only station behind 6 Music, with 1.63 million listeners.

BBC Radio 5Live (and Sports Extra)

Radio 5 Live had 5.8 million listeners, down 5.2% on last year. After a summer of sport, BBC Radio 5 Live sports extra has seen quarterly growth leap 32.3% to over 1.2 million.

BBC 6 Music
BBC 6 Music was up 5.4%, quarter on quarter, to over 1.9 million listeners. Over the year, the station witnessed a 15.2% increase. Lauren Laverne has helped the BBC Radio 6 Music to its biggest-ever audience of nearly 2 million listeners. In a sign of the changing way people are listening to the radio, a record 27% of listening for 6 Music was online or via smartphone and tablet apps, the most of any station and more than four times the industry average of 6.4%.The new audience figures come a week after Labour MP Tom Watson said 6 Music, which is currently available only on digital, should be given Radio 3’s valuable FM slot because it had more listeners. 6 Music has more than tripled its audience since the BBC said it would close the station in 2010, only to be given a reprieve by the BBC Trust after an unprecedented protest by listeners.

BBC Radio Scotland is down 2% on the year and 8.9% on the previous three months. Other Scottish stations reported some extremely impressive figures, such as Smooth Radio Glasgow (up 36.9%), Original 106 (up 35%) and Moray Firth Radio (up 10%).


BBC Radio Ulster/ Foyle remains the most listened to radio station in Northern Ireland, with an average weekly audience of 536,000 listeners – approximately 36.1% of the population (Aged 15 plus). BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle’s average weekly reach figures have increased by 3,000 year on year (with 533,000 in Quarter Three, 2013) and by 25,000 listeners quarter on quarter (with 511,000 in Quarter Two, 2014).

Programming broadcast on BBC Radio Foyle, received an average weekly audience of 44,000 listeners. The average weekly reach this time last year was 38,000 listeners (Quarter Three, 2013) and this time last quarter the average weekly reach was 41,000 listeners (Quarter Two, 2014).



talkSPORT is up 5.3% year on year and has a weekly reach of more than 3.1 million. The flagship breakfast show, hosted by Alan Brazil, achieved its highest ever figures.

Bauer Radio

Still out-performing BBC Radio 2 for a third consecutive quarter after the acquisition of Absolute Radio at the end of last year, Bauer Radio’s total portfolio saw a slight gain of 1.8% from the second quarter, recording more 16.2 million weekly listeners. However, over the last 12 months, the network has seen a more substantial 13.3% growth rate. Bauer’s Passion Portfolio (including Absolute, Magic and HeatRadio) – saw a huge 35.5% rise over the last 12 months to reach over 10.2 million listeners each week.

Absolute Radio

Total Absolute Radio Network, which saw some unwelcome drops in the second quarter, was back on form, recording yearly growth of 18.2% and a 6.5% QoQ growth. The station now has a weekly reach of more than 4 million.

Increased listenership by 27.3% year on year to 965,000.

Magic 105.4 continues to perform strongly in London with 2 million listeners, ahead of its national launch on DAB in Jan 2015..

KISS UK continues to grow, now with 4.9 million listeners (+5% yoy). In London, KISS 100 is number one for 15-24, 15-34 and 15-44 year olds in both hours and share against all radio stations including BBC.

Other Bauer:

  • Manchester’s Key 103 now reaches 507k listeners (+28.4% yoy).
  • Newcastle’s Metro Radio has grown its audience to 446,000 (up 2% qoq).
  • West Sound, Radio Borders and Moray Firth also recorded year on year audience increases.

Global Radio

Total Global Radio UK has maintained its dominance over the national stations and networks, recording very little change since the second quarter (-0.7%). The network has more than 21.2 million listeners, on average, each week. Over the last year the network has seen its reach grow 4.1%

Classic FM

Classic FM is down -11% QoQ to lose a little under 200,000 weekly listeners.

The former London talk station that has gone nationwide and is home to phone-in shows with Nick Clegg, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Harriet Harman, had 1.28 million listeners, marginally up on the previous quarter.


Heart Network (UK) also put in a strong performance over the year, up 20% (just over 9 million listeners), despite an almost static quarter with growth of just 0.1%. The overall performance is due to the re-branding of stations to Heart following the acquisition of Global Radio and Real and Smooth Limited.


In the battle for London listeners Global Radio’s Capital held on to the number one spot among commercial stations, but only just. Capital had an average weekly audience of just under 2 million despite losing nearly 8% of its audience year on year. Capital was ahead of Bauer’s Magic, breathing down its neck on 1.96 million, and Magic’s sister station Kiss, with 1.8 million.

Smooth Radio

Smooth Radio Network – which re-branded Gold stations as Smooth – continues to count the benefits of the move after recording growth of 22.8% over the year. The network was up 2% in quarter three and now has a weekly audience of almost 4.7 million.


KMFM has recorded one of its best ever audiences – with listener numbers and tune-in times on the rise. Now more than 185,000 adults listen every week – an increase of 15,000 from the last quarter, and nearly 19% up on this time last year. Listeners are now tuning in an average 7.7 hours each week. Doing particularly well is the new breakfast show with Garry and Emma, which has added 23,000 listeners – or 40% – since it launched in the summer. All other weekday shows have also seen an excellent growth in listening numbers since the last survey.



Station/Group Reach 000s

BBC Radio 1                                       10550

BBC Radio 2                                       15014

BBC Radio 3                                       1912

BBC Radio 4                                       10621

BBC Radio 4 (including 4 Extra)        10916

BBC Radio 4 Extra                             1629

BBC Radio 5 live                                5809

BBC Radio 5 live (inc. sports extra)   6132

BBC Radio 5 live sports extra            1216

BBC 6 Music                                       1994

1Xtra from the BBC                            1057

BBC Asian Network UK                     629

BBC World Service                            1310

Classic FM                                          5199

Heat                                                    965

The Hits                                               949

Jazz FM                                              553

Kerrang!                                              879

Kiss UK                                               4858

Kiss Fresh (Was Smash Hits)             565

Kisstory                                               973

Magic UK                                            3547

Planet Rock UK                                  1098

talkSPORT                                         3148

BBC Radio Scotland                           870

BBC Radio Ulster                               536

BBC Radio Wales                               398

BBC Radio Cymru                              105

BBC Radio Berkshire                         114

BBC Radio Bristol                               140

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire               117

BBC Radio Cornwall                           172

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire      87

BBC Radio Cumbria                           122

BBC Radio Derby                               126

BBC Radio Devon                              197

BBC Essex                                         225

BBC Radio Gloucestershire               100

BBC Hereford & Worcester                128

BBC Radio Humberside                     183

BBC Radio Kent                                 225

BBC Radio Lancashire                       194

BBC Radio Leeds                               195

BBC Radio Leicester                          189

BBC Radio Lincolnshire                      107

BBC London 94.9                               462

BBC Radio Manchester                      207

BBC Radio Merseyside                      310

BBC Radio Newcastle                        277

BBC Radio Norfolk                             204

BBC Radio Northampton                    87

BBC Radio Nottingham                      147

BBC Radio Oxford                             96

BBC Radio Sheffield                          238

BBC Radio Shropshire                       120

BBC Radio Solent                               281

BBC Somerset                                    64

BBC Radio Stoke                               119

BBC Radio Suffolk                             118

BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey            254

BBC Radio Tees                                 122

BBC Three Counties Radio                            144

BBC WM (Birmingham & Black Country)      195

BBC Radio Wiltshire/Swindon            80

BBC Radio York                                 95

BBC Radio Guernsey                         21

BBC Radio Jersey                              29

Radio 1035 AM                                   72

Radio 1458 AM                                   85

THE BEACH                                       61

Dream 100                                          35

North Norfolk Radio                            23

Norwich 99.9fm                                  49

Town 102 FM                                      60

107.8 Arrow FM for Hastings             17

Absolute Radio London                       522

Planet Rock 105.2                              204

Kiss 100 FM                                        1805

Magic 105.4 (London)                         1959

Metro Radio                                        446

TFM Radio                                          163

City Talk 105.9                                    77

Radio City 96.7                                   400

Key 103 (Manchester)                        507

97.4 Rock FM                                     284

96.3 Radio Aire                                   98

Hallam FM                                          352

96.9 Viking FM                                    230

97.4 Cool FM                                      372

Downtown Radio (DTR)                     269

Clyde 1 FM                                         496

Clyde 2                                                126

ForthOne                                             323

Forth2                                                  53

Moray Firth Radio                               119

Bauer Aberdeen                                  150

Northsound One                                 131

Northsound Two                                 39

Radio Borders                                     57

Bauer Dundee                                     201

Tay-FM                                               152

Tay-AM                                               77

West Sound                                        180

C.F.M                                                  112

Kiss East                                             425

Kiss West                                            494

Magic 1152 (Newcastle)                     114

Magic 1170 (Teesside)                       80

Magic Network – North West              217

Magic 1548 (Liverpool)                       101

Magic 1152 (Manchester)                  82

Magic 999 (Preston)                           35

Magic 828 (Leeds)                              92

Magic 1161 (Hull)                               77

Magic AM (Sheffield)                         102

Wave 105 FM                                     360

The Breeze (Basingstoke / Newbury and Andover)   55

The Breeze (Cheltenham)                  18

The Breeze (Solent/ East Hants and West Surrey)    77

Jack FM South Coast                         231

The Breeze South West (Bristol/ Weston/ Bath and West Wilts)       101

The Breeze (Yeovil/ Shaftesbury and Bridgwater)     59

106 JACKfm (Bristol)                         114

JACK fm (Swindon)                           40

Central FM                                          45

Total Cheshire Radio                          69

Cheshire’s Silk 106.9                          29

Chester’s Dee 106.3                           40

The Bay                                              112

Citybeat 96.7/102.5FM                       127

Lakeland Radio                                   20

Capital Scotland                                  523

Capital South Wales                           208

Heart North Wales                              72

Heart Yorkshire                                   447

106.1 Real XS Manchester (was 106.1 Rock Radio)            123

Smooth Radio East Midlands             397

Smooth Radio North East                   475

Smooth Radio North West                  1146

Connect FM (was Connect FM and Lite 106.8FM)   41

Radio Essex DAB                               57

Radio Exe                                           24

Fire Radio                                           46

Fire Radio South Coast                      4

3FM                                                     26

Capital Birmingham                            440

Capital East Midlands                         480

Capital London                                    1999

Capital Manchester                             523

Capital North East                               500

Capital North West and Wales            178

Capital South Coast                            189

Capital Yorkshire                                1052

Capital XTRA (London)                      323

Heart Cambridgeshire                        244

Heart East Anglia                                312

Heart Essex                                        418

Heart Four Counties                           514

Heart Kent                                           383

Heart London                                      1448

Heart North East                                 313

Heart North West                                565

Heart Scotland                                    480

Heart Solent                                        289

Heart South Wales                              529

Heart South West                               396

Heart Cornwall                                    99

Heart Sussex                                      417

Heart Thames Valley                          338

Heart West Country                            676

Heart West Midlands                          701

LBC London (ILR)                               1116

LBC 97.3                                             967

LBC News 1152                                  334

Smooth Radio Cambridgeshire          53

Smooth Radio Devon                         29

Smooth Radio East Anglia                  50

Smooth Radio Essex                          28

Smooth Radio Four Counties             65

Smooth Radio Kent                            38

Smooth Radio London                        742

Smooth Radio Midlands                     865

Smooth Radio West Midlands            468

Smooth Radio North West &Wales    73

Smooth Radio Scotland                      323

Smooth Radio Solent                          68

Smooth Radio South Wales               55

Smooth Radio Sussex                        49

Smooth Radio Thames Valley            40

Smooth Radio West Country              109

XFM London                                       417

XFM Manchester                                298

XFM Scotland                                     39

IOW Radio                                          43

107 JACK fm Berkshire (was Reading 107 FM)       18

JACKfm Oxfordshire                          93

JACKfm 2 Oxford (was Glide FM 107.9)      41

106 JACKfm (Oxford)                        65

Kingdom FM                                       58

kmfm                                                  185

Lincs FM 102.2                                   302

Lincs FM Group Yorkshire                 300

Dearne FM                                          47

KCFM 99.8                                         92

Ridings FM                                          44

Rother FM                                           30

Trax FM                                              87

2BR                                                     56

Minster FM                                          59

Mix 96                                                 45

Spire FM                                             36

Spirit FM                                             55

Star North East                                   54

97.2 Stray FM                                     48

Sun FM                                               75

Wessex FM                                         54

Yorkshire Coast Radio                        53

Radio Mansfield 103.2                        37

Manx Radio                                        39

Original 106 (Aberdeen)                     81

Gem 106 (East Midlands)                   461

Free Radio (West Midlands)               735

Free Radio FM (West Midlands)        660

Free Radio 80s (West Midlands)        113

Free Radio (Birmingham & Black Country)   407

Free Radio FM (Birmingham & Black Country) (was BRMB and Beacon)  380

Free Radio 80s (Birmingham & Black Country)        51

Free Radio (Coventry & Warwickshire)         133

Free Radio FM (Coventry & Warwickshire) (was Mercia)    107

Free Radio 80s (Coventry & Warwickshire)  35

Free Radio FM (Herefordshire & Worcestershire) (was Wyvern)     90

Free Radio (Shropshire)                     93

Free Radio FM (Shropshire) (was Beacon)   81

Free Radio 80s (Shropshire)              19

Palm FM                                             38

Radio Plymouth                                  44

Premier Christian Radio                     149

Q Radio Network                                117

Oak FM                                               28

107.6 Banbury Sound                         18

Rugby FM                                           20

96.2 Touch FM – Coventry                 22

Touch FM Staffs                                 30

102 Touch FM – Warks Worcs Cotswolds     44

96.2 The Revolution                            33

Southend & Chelmsford Radio           52

107.5 Sovereign Radio                       21

Sunrise Radio                                     259

Time FM 106.6                                   23

Channel 103 FM                                 50

Island FM 104.7                                  35

106.3 Bridge FM                                 42

Radio Carmarthenshire and Scarlet FM        38

Radio Ceredigion                                16

Nation Hits! (was Nation 80s)             42

Nation Radio                                       174

102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire               45

The Bee                                              55

Total Eagle                                          130

96.4 Eagle Radio                                129

Eagle Extra                                         3

KL.FM 96.7                                         49

Pirate FM                                            166

107.6 Juice FM                                   207

Peak 107 FM                                      98

The Pulse                                            139

Pulse 2                                                26

Signal 107                                           46

Signal One                                          268

Signal Two                                          78

Swansea Sound – 1170 MW               68

96.4 FM The Wave                             130

U105                                                   193

Radio Wave 96.5 FM                          76

102.4 Wish/107.2 Wire/107.4 Tower FM        146

107.4 Tower FM                                 37

107.2 Wire FM                                    54

102.4 Wish FM                        56

October 15, 2014

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The markettiers4dc team are thrilled to have picked up the trophy for the best healthcare campaign with Pegasus and Bayer Animal Health at the PRWeek Awards last night.

We were recognised for the Slime Watch campaign which was part of wider activity to raise awareness of lungworm amongst UK dog owners and drive sales of Bayer’s lungworm prevention product, Advocate.

The PRWeek awards ceremony was held at the Grosvenor House hotel in London and celebrated the best people, agencies and campaigns of 2014.

Helen Moore, markettiers4dc Managing Director, commented: “It is brilliant to be recognised by the industry, particularly in an awards programme as prestigious as the PRWeek Awards. The Slime Watch campaign is a great example of the creativity and results that can be achieved through collaborative working between in-house teams and agencies”.


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