June 23, 2015

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Why B-Roll helps your story stand out from the crowd

B-Roll.  You may have heard of it, but how many PR professionals actually know what it is? Or importantly, how many actually use it? Well in short, B-Roll can be the difference between clinching that slot on a TV or online channel or a journalist pressing the delete button on your pitch. It can often be the difference between trophy and mediocre coverage. And with TV coverage often considered the ‘holy grail’, it should play a vital role in your campaign planning.

Often overlooked, B-Roll essentially consists of loosely edited footage captured to enrich a story you are telling. Far from being a polished piece of video content, its aim is to provide news broadcasters with a sequence of supplementary footage to support their news piece, and this could be anything from behind the scenes shots at an event, to technology being used in practice, to soundbites with key personnel. Captured to professional broadcast standards, the B-Roll should help support the story you are telling. Ultimately, as you are in control of the content being filmed, it should also help to steer the message being delivered to broadcasters.

For time-pressed journalists, uttering the words ‘B-Roll available’ during your phone pitch is a sure fire way to get their interest. And it works just as well for helping to  secure online coverage as it does for TV. With countless press releases to sift through, showing that you have really thought about the story, and done the legwork in advance will help your story stand out from the crowd.

Wherever you go in the world, news teams are often working with limited resource and are constantly working against the clock to deliver their news items for the TV bulletins. The Middle East is no exception; they are not always able to dispatch a crew out to cover your story, so anything you can do to help, and to remove this barrier, is certainly going to be viewed favourably by the journalist you are pitching to. This often means that you will be more likely to get your spokesperson on the TV. Ahead of the interview with your spokesperson, the broadcaster’s production team can select the footage they want from your B-Roll and get ready to cut to this during any interview they are doing to support what your spokesperson is saying. This often results in more airtime and perhaps even helped them make the decision to interview your client in the first place. The end result? All parties are happy.

So, the next time you’re planning your PR campaigns and you’ve got a story to sell in, stop and think before you craft your pitch to the journalist. Think in pictures: what would I want to see if I was the end audience? What visuals can I provide? What filming could be done to illustrate this story? Producing some well-crafted B-Roll could just be the ticket to delivering an impactful, engaging story.

This blog has been contributed by Cheryl King, General Manager of our Dubai office. For more information about B-Roll or for any other enquiry for the Dubai team please contact cheryl.king@markettiers4dc.com

June 19, 2015

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This article has been contributed by Howard Kosky, @howardkosky.

So this week we read the news that Chris Evans is the new host of Top Gear. But in this initial sentence the omission is the BBC. I should start by saying that a) I don’t work for the BBC, or think they are faultless and B) I’m a petrolhead.

The reason for my interest in this news story is the media’s handling of the announcement. Do I believe the BBC got enough credit for this? No. As an employer myself and having run a business since 1994, we have seen employment issues become a lot trickier to deal with over the years.

So imagine a member of staff, a good performer at that, one the client’s love, and helps you generate huge revenues decides one day he’s a bit too big for his boots and smacks another member of staff. The dilemma for you as the employer; do you do nothing, do you try and smooth it over, do you defend your star performer, or do you quite rightly decide the star performer has overstepped the mark and their position is no longer tenable. Then, imagine that once this decision has been made, to the outside world and other clients, you the employer are in the wrong! You’re a star performer down, the clients think you’ve acted out of order and you’re about to lose a lot of revenue. What you need to do is recruit and replace, and not just fill a hole, but recruit even stronger than the star performer… and this was achieved by the BBC this week.

I didn’t witness one article which paid compliment to the BBC for its commercial business manoeuvring, perhaps because rival broadcasters hate to praise their competitor, which is a great shame. So whilst my reach isn’t great, from me, well done BBC – master stroke and business result. And as the petrolhead and huge fan of Chris that I am – long live Top Gear!


June 15, 2015

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This article was originally written for PRmoment.com by Howard Kosky (@howardkosky)

Since the appointment of the new culture secretary, John Whittingdale, speculation has sprung up surrounding the funding of the BBC, and specifically the license fee. Whilst it is unlikely the license fee will be scrapped any time soon, hiring someone who has been a vocal opponent of the BBC to head up their imminent Royal Charter review could mean that we can expect some profound changes to the current system in the long term.

Whittingdale’s committee has stated “the model is becoming hard to justify and sustain” and have proposed alternatives such as obtaining commercial support through advertising.

However, as controversial as it may sound, I have no real issue with the BBC as it is. Why? Well it’s been 21 years since I started the business, at a time when there were only four terrestrial TV channels, the launch of BBC Radio 5 live and Global Radio group didn’t exist, and YouTube was still over a decade away … and how things have changed! In that time the depth of content across all platforms and the way in which the BBC has led and held my metaphorical hand (as a news junkie) has been superb. No matter how much choice there is in the market I still find myself using the BBC’s news platforms as my main news inputs; when I wake up at 5:30am I’m watching BBC World Business Report, later BBC Breakfast in the office, and then regularly check its .co.uk and respective programme twitter feeds throughout the day. Do I as a consumer/ license fee payer take it for granted? Possibly, and hence why when reminded of the cost I do not have an issue.

I also have a non-terrestrial broadcaster service in my home which I pay for, I have a mobile telco contract which I pay for – the list can go on. The fact and reality is, I expect to pay for services and choice. If I wanted all my news and entertainment content via a shared economy model would I only use YouTube? But then who would be the broadband or telco provider to ensure I could connect?

At a time of increasing competitiveness for our time, across all media and platforms, the BBC still holds firm. Rajar stats out last week shows us once more that in the 21 years since our inception the BBC is still doing it, still delivering strong numbers, so surely it must be doing something right – not least taking our interviews!

The argument rages that the BBC should be co-funded with advertising or adopt a different model, and rest assured I fully acknowledge that the business practise in all guises of the BBC is not flawless, but tell me of any business that doesn’t have its commercial flaws, or that can’t be streamlined.

For anyone who has consumed media in the US or UAE even, where the quality of programming, the controls over output, the ad breaks and lack of formal regulation such as Ofcom, can lead to a lesser audience experience makes me value what we have in the BBC.

If we as a nation have issue with the licence fee I’d rather we debate what it pays for and the range and diversity of service the BBC offers rather than compromise the audience experience. I only hope that in 21 years from now, the BBC will still be doing what it does best, with its commercial flaws, and it’s still acknowledged globally as one of the world’s leading broadcasters.

June 2, 2015

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Weekends can offer brilliant opportunities to secure top tier broadcast coverage for brands and organisations. In a time of 24-hour rolling news channels and a constant need for fresh content, the media has a big appetite for news outside of the working week. Just this weekend, markettiers4dc has secured national and international TV coverage on the likes of CNN, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, BBC 5 live and Mail Online for our clients Audi, Bupa Global, Touchnote and Zuto.com.

Speak to us today about how we can deliver trophy coverage for your organisation next weekend. Email info@markettiers4dc.com or call 020 7253 8888.

International news distribution from the Audi Polo Challenge with HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry

The markettiers4dc team was at the Audi Polo Challenge in Ascot on Sunday, delivering an onsite edit for a B-Roll package and online cut news package for same day distribution to media. Story advisories and target lists were drafted for approval by the Palace Press Office due to the attendance of the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry who were playing in this exclusive Audi event. Strong media interest was achieved from pre-sell in on the morning of the event with strong interest from ITN and PA Multimedia. Coverage to date includes Mail Online, International Business Times, Digital Spy and ITN Productions’ Entertainment bulletins on ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4.

Global consumer research for World No Tobacco Day with Bupa Global

To support Bupa Global’s campaign around World No Tobacco Day, markettiers4dc conducted a consumer survey in the UK, Australasia, UAE, USA, Italy, Spain and Greece looking at whether people felt encouraged to smoke by Hollywood glamourising the addiction, with 007, and Don Draper seen as the most popular characters associated with smoking. We may see James Bond smoking on screen and then running to catch Dr No, but never wheezing or out of breath which is one of the common effects of smoking. Using these findings markettiers4dc secured interviews on Sunday for Dr Fiona Adshead, Bupa’s Chief Wellbeing and Public Health Officer on Sky Sunrise and CNN. A short video news feature was also produced for online media highlighting how Hollywood needs to assist with encouraging a smoke free environment by 2040.

Amplifying Zuto.com’s rebrand from CarLoan4U

markettiers4dc worked alongside Zuto.com on their rebrand campaign from CarLoan4U. To raise consumer awareness of the car finance organisation markettiers4dc developed a storyline detailing the history of the driving test which celebrated its 80th anniversary yesterday. Research was commissioned to identify the key aspects of the test that consumers think should change, for example motorway and night driving. The research also identified the UK’s favourite first cars to offer media outlets the opportunity to discuss their experiences and shed some nostalgia onto the story. markettiers4dc worked closely with the Institute of Advanced Motoring to provide an independent spokesperson alongside the CEO of Zuto. com. The IAM and Zuto took part in pre-recorded interviews with Sky News TV which played throughout Sunday and Sky News Radio, and also spoke live to the likes of BBC Radio 5 live Morning Reports, BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC Devon.

Future gazing tech trends with Touchnote

markettiers4dc were tasked with raising awareness of Touchnote, a mobile app which lets you customise and send your postcards from anywhere in the world. We crafted a story that looked back at the history of the postcard to mark its 175th anniversary, whilst also promoting the five millionth postcard sent using the Touchnote app. An interview was secured with Sky Sunrise on Saturday morning with TV Presenter Maggie Philbin talking about the future of postcards and the way in which we now communicate with emojis. The story was so interesting that the producers extended the air time by several minutes.

May 27, 2015

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The 2015 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking has been revealed today, recognising a number of our clients. The annual study, commissioned by WPP and conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, uses financial data alongside views of potential and current consumers of brands to calculate brand value. This year, on its 10th anniversary, brand value of the top 100 has seen a 126 percent increase over the last decade correlating to intelligent brand communications.

Topping the list for the second time is Apple, with a brand value of $247 billion, closely followed by Google and IBM. Indeed, tech brands certainly dominate the study, showing the fastest pace in brand value growth and highlighting increasing consumer trust in the digital industry. Similarly, the power of social media is prevalent, with several of the major players appearing on the list; Facebook has led the way at number 12, raising its brand value by 99%, with LinkedIn and Twitter coming in at 85 and 92 respectively.

Western brands make up the majority of the Global Top 100, half the brands in the list are based in North America, constituting two-thirds of its value. High performers include McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Visa, Marlboro and Amazon.

Generally, it can be seen that those organisations communicating a strong or differentiating brand message score higher as they have created an engaging and consistent customer experience. For example, Lidl’s Christmas campaign was one of the most persuasive and best-loved last year with respondents saying it made them more likely to buy from them and contributing to their 27 percent brand value increase. Another key trend is the direct link between brand reputation and brand value when there is a perceived ‘higher purpose’, for instance when there is clear concern for sustainability, ethicality or health.  One example of this is L’Oréal Paris, at number 38 in the ranking, which introduced a ‘Sharing Beauty with All’ project promoting sustainable production and consumption. On the other hand, brands in soft drinks and fast food categories experienced a dip in sales based on changing societal trends regarding consumer health.

We are thrilled that we have been privileged to work with approximately one in four of the organisations listed in the study in the past two years. If you would like to request a call from a member of our senior team about how we can help shape your organisation’s communication strategy please email info@markettiers4dc.com

View the top 100 list below.

May 21, 2015

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The latest RAJAR results have been released revealing the UK radio listening figures for the first quarter of this year.

It’s been a great start to the year for radio, particularly for lots of national commercial stations, with the listener count collectively up 3.3% year on year. RAJAR has also reported a steady increase in digital listening which now exceeds half of the entire radio audience.

The radio marketplace

  • 47.8 million adults or 89.3% of the population tune into the radio each week
  • The average listener tunes to 21.3 hours of live radio per week
  • Listening to radio via a digital platform is 54%
  • 22% of adults and 34% of 15-24 year olds listen via a mobile or tablet device
  • 31% of adult social media users and 44% of 15-24 year old social media users receive updates from their favourite presenters and radio stations

Top RAJAR stories

  • BBC Radio 2 is the most popular UK station with 15.09 million people listening each week
  • BBC Radio 1 continues to shed its older audience with the average age of listeners now being 21
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra has taken over BBC 6 Music to become the UK’s biggest digital-only station
  • After launching nationally in January, Magic records its first ever nationwide figure – an impressive 3.6 million listeners
  • Absolute Radio, Magic, talkSPORT, Kisstory and LBC have all recorded strong results this quarter
  • The London Breakfast show battle has a new winner – Kiss’ Rickie and Melvin take the No1 spot as the capital’s favourite. Followed in order by Capital, Magic, Heart and then LBC. And Christian O’Connell put in a very respectable performance on Absolute Radio, adding 84,000 listeners
  • On a local scale, many commercial stations that have done exceptionally well in terms of growth in listening hours, including The Breeze in Bristol, Bath and Weston, Oxford’s 106 Jack FM, 107.2 Wire FM, whose hours rose by a whopping 87% and the QRadio network including Citybeat in Northern Ireland, which saw 9.5% increase on reach and 20.5% increase on hours.

If you would like more insight about how broadcast media can be harnessed to achieve coverage on behalf of your organisation please contact info@markettiers4dc.com to request a complimentary broadcast workshop at your office

May 19, 2015

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This post has been contributed by Howard Kosky in light of the recent news story surrounding Thomas Cook’s communications approach in the aftermath of the deaths of two children on holiday in 2006.

Source: Thomas Cook shares fall after Corfu child deaths, Ben Martin, The Telegraph

The economics of reputation are proven, but sadly in this instance it never ceases to amaze me how some companies just don’t get it. I may not know the full details of the case of when a payment was made and whether the intention was always there but what I do know is a tragedy happened when two young children died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst on holiday with their family, and that the case had to go to court to prove who was liable for their deaths.

To then hear see and read the headlines of not the compensation the family got, but the amount Thomas Cook received dwarfing the figure to the family, why on earth didn’t Thomas Cook immediately give any monies it received straight to the family?

Whilst there is no amount of money that can heal the pain and loss, the fact is Thomas Cook should have done the right thing. And it’s not just me that thinks so, but all normal human beings as well…including investors, who demonstrated as such by shifting the shares and seeing the price tumble as they believe that normal holiday makers like you and I will demonstrate our feelings by choosing to book a holiday not with Thomas Cook.



May 12, 2015

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Put the champagne on ice! We are absolutely thrilled for our very own Shelley DeBere who has been named by PRWeek in their ‘30 under 30’ list, announced today. The annual list is made up of young talent from in-house and agency PR teams, and for the first time this year, a broadcast PR specialist.

The finalists were chosen following a thorough judging process involving a panel of senior figures from the PR industry, including: Gay Collins, founding partner of Montfort Communications; Jim Donaldson, FleishmanHillard UK managing director; Jo Dring, press and PR manager, corporate relations, at Heineken UK, Nicola Green, head of comms and reputation at Telefónica UK; and Francis Ingham, PRCA director general.

Shelley has been a star member of the markettiers4dc team since she started with us in 2012. Now a senior account manager, Shelley serves both in-house and agency clients including two multiple award-winning accounts; Slater & Gordon UK and Bayer Animal Health. Demonstrating consistent stand-out client management and team leadership skills as well as having an extensive knowledge of broadcast media – we feel this accolade is extremely well deserved!

Helen Moore, Managing Director, markettiers4dc said: “Shelley’s contribution to the business is significant. She is an independent thinker and is very considered in her working practice to ensure the best possible outcomes for client. She is responsible for the development and maintenance of some of the agency’s biggest clients and my trust in her to do so is unwavering.”


March 18, 2015

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This blog has been contributed by Senior Account Executive Lottie Allen

Friday 13th March saw the eagerly anticipated VMAs: Veterinary Marketing Awards kick off in London.  On this sunny Friday afternoon, we dusted off our finest dresses and prepared our best animal health related chat to attend the awards.

We were nominated for the PR award, alongside our print counterparts Pegasus, for our work with Bayer Animal Health on the Hound Waves Radio, which saw the launch of a 24 hour, fully licensed radio station entirely for dog lovers and their pets.

The event took place at the Lancaster London Hotel and our compere for the event was the lovely Kate Silverton, who, according to many, was the best yet in the history of the VMAs.

Competition was tough and this year saw the number of awards extended to 18, incorporating a new category for smaller companies.

At our table we were joined by our clients, and following lunch anticipation and excitement quickly built up. Our category was one of the last to be announced, so nerves were rife, especially as we were up against some tough competition.  As Kate opened the golden envelope we sat with baited breath.

Our hard work paid off and nerves were thrust aside as markettiers4dc were announced as the winners of the PR Awards.  We are absolutely thrilled to have won and here’s to the VMAs 2016!


February 24, 2015

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Did you know there are now 252 phones for every 100 people in the United Arab Emirates?[1]

On a global scale the region is home to some of the highest levels of smartphone penetration in the world[2] (74%), considerably higher than the likes of countries such as the USA and Canada and almost 10% higher than in the UK. Perhaps you might find this surprising?

Before making the move to Dubai I’d have thought the same – my image of Dubai was one of a sandy concrete metropolis that was more famous for having the tallest, biggest and best buildings in the world than being known for its pioneering campaigns.

Yet on moving to the region, it’s clear to me that both the brands and media here are out to inspire.

But while undoubtedly there’s still work to be done, the UAE, and indeed the Middle East has a real hunger to lead the way. Just like its savvy smartphone population which has been quick to embrace advances in technology, there is a strong ambition from brands and media to push the boundaries on tried and tested traditional content, and become pioneers in an altogether different capacity.

There is a sense of urgency to catch up. Media and brands alike want to be famous in their own way. Innovation, which has indeed become the watchword of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s vision for 2015 has filtered down; there is a hunger to be trailblazing in terms of creating new and exciting campaigns to engage new and core audiences.

And what’s not to get excited about? With the World Expo 2020 win under its belt, the Smart Cities initiative and news that Dubai is now the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers, the region is in a strong position.

So where are the opportunities? Well, for one, harnessing the power of mobile represents a huge opportunity for brands to communicate to core and new audiences – whether that’s internal or external. The hugely successful #MyDubai initiative, which continues to create a virtual autobiography of Dubai – is underpinned by mobile – inviting people to upload their pictures and videos to social media.

What’s more, news that the Burj Khalifa has been voted in the top three destinations in the world for selfies again shows the power of mobile as a means to help profile a destination.  And excitingly, indeed even the New Year’s Eve fireworks 2014 saw a first for the region – the event itself was streamed live to tablet and laptop devices so an online mobile audience could view the spectacular display.

So what’s next? With the pathway firmly being set for a year of innovation, what’s clear is that brands will continue to push the boundaries in terms of delivering bolder campaigns in order to create new ways to interact with audiences. This positivity is setting a precedence that’s infectious. In the race to be providing the most creative driven content, maybe soon the world will look towards the Middle East for inspiration.

This article has been contributed by Cheryl King, General Manager of markettiers4dc MENA (@cherylking45).

Cheryl’s UK experience includes delivering a number of live streaming events for brands directly to social media channels via mobile devices (including working on Britain’ first ever exclusive Facebook concert with Eliza Doolittle for Carphone Warehouse). Upon moving to Dubai, Cheryl believes the huge proliferation of smartphones and growth in social media is providing a key opportunity for brands to harness its potential.


[1] Steve Smith, Arabian Radio Network, Broadcast Conference 2015


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