September 11, 2014

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This blog has been written by Jess Feldman, Account Manager at markettiers4dc. @JessicaFeldman1

Once you’ve created the video content for your brand and you’ve optimised it for search, what do you do now? After all, making ‘engaging’ content is meaningless without audiences to engage with it.

Whilst engagement may be the buzzword of the moment, realistically if your target audience / consumers don’t engage with your video content then quite simply, they won’t be influenced by it and they certainly won’t share it amongst their peers, so all you’re left with is just another video on YouTube and your content has no value.

So, here comes the million dollar question, how do you encourage engagement with your audiences to ensure a maximised ROI? See below for my 3 top tips to get you off to a strong start.


1)      Share your content

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? It’s a very simple formula really:

According to YouTube, 500 years’ worth of YouTube video are watched everyday on Facebook, with over 700 YouTube videos being shared every minute on Twitter – that’s a lot of video and a lot of sharing, so why not increase the chances of your content being shared, by sharing it on your social media channels?

If the average tweet life cycle is under 10 minutes (depending on the amount of people you follow), then it seems like a massive shame to just tweet about it, doesn’t it? Sharing your rich media content on all your social networks, gives your audience the chance to share your content with their audiences and give your brand the best chance of achieving increased monthly unique visitors and natural back links.

Remember: use language appropriate of each network and ensure that it’s shared at a relevant and at a time of heightened social engagement. No ‘one size fits all’.


2)      Give your viewers a call to action (CTA)

Branded video content reaches nearly half (46%) of all internet users in the UK, with more than half (54%) going on to click through to the brand’s website (Econsultancy). So you need to make sure that you encourage your audience to click through, and to get that, you need to give a clear (and appealing) CTA.


1)      Make sure your CTA is within the visitors eye path – i.e. don’t hide it in the corner of the video, make sure that viewers can actually see the CTA

2)      Let the visitor know what they will receive. EXPLICITLY ask for peoples’ interaction – what do you want? “upload your version of this video for the chance to win £7million” – errr, yes please

3)       If the CTA is ‘clickable’ then make it look like it is!

4)      Include large buttons on your video asking people to share your video via social channels



  • Don’t make your call to action too vague… Click here – “for what” said the viewer
  • Don’t use a small CTA – it’s likely that no one will see it!
  • Don’t be too wordy
  • Don’t use too many CTAs in one page


3) Publish content in several different forms and through multiple channels

Instead of just producing a video, putting it on your website and sharing the same content, why not make the content work harder?


With the eruption of Instagram video and Vine, we, as marketers, are being challenged to create videos in tighter timeframes to be able to capture our audiences. If you’re sharing a video on Instagram or Vine, you have 15 / 6 seconds respectively to make sure that you sum up everything you want to.

According to 7th Chamber, a branded Vine video is four-times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video and since the launch of Instagram video there has been a 37% increase in Instragram shares on Twitter (Buzzfork). When producing your content, make sure you edit a 15 and 6 second version so you maximise possible outlets of your content and spread that message.

If you can, make an editorial version of your video content to be placed on third party websites, this will heighten engagement, maximise natural link building and provide your content with credibility from being placed on respected websites. It also gives you the chance to engage with the websites established communities and followings.

For more information or if you have any questions about maximising the potential of your online video, please contact Jessica at

August 28, 2014

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markettiers4dc’s international media relations and production team was yesterday working out of the Moscow Motor Show for car giant Nissan. Despite the recent issues in Ukraine, Nissan is aggressively targeting the automotive market in Russia, which is its largest market in Europe, by launching a number of new cars.

Nissan wanted to use the motor show, not only to promote its new cars within Russia but to also communicate to the outside world that it is business as usual in the country. To do that they tasked our international team with maximising broadcast coverage by offering their European Chairman Paul Willcox for broadcast interviews on global and national TV and radio stations.

Kicking off with a live interview into the Today programme’s 07.15 business slot, we followed this with live satellite interviews on BBC World TV, Bloomberg TV, CNN, BBC News Channel, Sky and Channel News Asia.

At the same time we’re filming all the Nissan and Datsun new car unveils, fast editing and distributing B-Roll for TV broadcasters, cutting package for web sites and a major internal video for Nissan.

All in all a typical day’s work for our international team.

August 21, 2014

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The markettiers4dc Broadcast Blogger Network consists of a 60+ strong panel of influential parenting bloggers who have signed up to be involved with communications campaigns on behalf of our clients. Mummy blogger Iona Burchill, spoke to us about her experience of being part of the network.

Name: Iona Burchill

“I write a parenting lifestyle blog which features everything from recording family memories to days out to opinion and reviews. I’ve been blogging for around two years now and have been in the Tots100 Top 500 since August last year. I’m ranked 43 in the parenting charts of ebuzzing and have been recently nominated for a versatile blogger award as well as a finalist in the mumandworking blogger awards.

Last year I applied to join the markettiers4dc Broadcast Blogger Network and was thrilled to be accepted. I’ve been involved in a wide variety of projects such as being a case study for TV interviews, reviewing products and given opportunities to embed rich media content on my blog. My family and I really enjoy doing projects with markettiers4dc because it gets us thinking a little bit differently about each project and the brands themselves. There are lots of product reviews out there, making the competition to really engage with the audience very important, so it’s fantastic to work with a network that actively encourages a fresh approach to blogging.

Recently my daughter and I were invited down to the markettiers4dc studios to take part in a live web TV show for Pets at Home. My daughter and I spoke on camera about what it’s like to own a pet and we also learnt some interesting things too. It was such an exciting opportunity for my daughter to experience which really comes through in the video.

Being a part of the markettiers4dc Blogger Network is great. As a blogger who writes daily it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge keeping everything fresh but whenever I get a project from markettiers4dc, I know the resulting content on my blog will be great viewing and lots of fun!”

For more information on the markettiers4dc Broadcast Blogger Network please click here or speak to a member of the team. If you are a blogger yourself and are keen to join the network, please click here.

See below for a short clip of Iona’s daughter Isla at the markettiers4dc studios. Our editors produced this special behind-the-scenes edit as a birthday treat for Isla.


July 31, 2014

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The latest RAJAR results have been released showing that the impact of radio is bigger than ever as well as revealing a number of significant developments for UK stations.

The radio marketplace

  • 48 million adults, or 90% of the UK population, tune in to radio each week
  • Digital listening hours remain high for with 378 million hours being listened to in an average week. The share of listening to DAB has increased by 1% YOY to 24.1% of all listening (23.9% in Q2, 2013)
  • 22% of adults claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month, up 51% YOY. 36% of 15-24 year olds claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month, up 25% YOY
  • In terms of social media, 21% of the adult population currently receive updates about their favourite radio station/presenter, with the figure rising to 38% of 15-24s

Top RAJAR stories

  • BBC Radio 2′s Chris Evans is almost 4 million listeners ahead of Radio 1 breakfast rival Nick Grimshaw. The breakfast host has hit another audience high, with a new record number of listeners to his show. Evans now pulls in 9.91 million each week, giving his show the biggest audience recorded in the UK since the current measurement methods were launched 15 years ago
  • talkSPORT had a great end to the premiership season as it gained 180,000 listeners during Q2
  • KISS UK continues to grow, up 6% YOY, reaching over 4.6 million adults every week – and its signature online station KISSTORY reaches a record audience of over 1 million with its offering of old skool and anthems. KISS 100 in London remains the most listened to station for 15-34 year olds

The detail

BBC National

BBC Radio 1

Radio 1 recorded a weekly reach of 10.80 million listeners aged 15+ during the period, compared to 10.53m last year and 11.02m last quarter. The station has a share of 6.8%, (from 6.8% last year and 6.7% last quarter).

Some welcome news for breakfast host Nick Grimshaw, who has seen a slight boost in figures from 5.89 million a year ago to 5.97 million. RAJAR figures also show Radio 1 has an audience of 10.8 million listeners – up 270,000 compared with the previous quarter, although down 220,000 on this time last year.

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Amongst digital-only stations, Radio 1Xtra posted a reach of 937,000 weekly listeners (down from 1.11m last year and 1.10m last quarter).

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2′s Chris Evans is almost 4 million listeners ahead of Radio 1 rival Nick Grimshaw. The breakfast show host has hit another audience high, with a new record number of listeners to his show. Evans now pulls in 9.91 million each week, giving his show the biggest audience recorded in the UK since the current measurement methods were launched 15 years ago. The 48 year old has seen the Radio 2 audience soar by almost two million listeners to the station’s breakfast audience after his predecessor Sir Terry Wogan bowed out with 8.1 million. The station as a whole now has 15.5 million listeners, up slightly from the 15.44 million a year ago.

BBC Radio 3
Radio 3 has seen its year-on-year audience decrease to 1.88 million (down 120,000). It has also just said goodbye to its controller Roger Wright after almost 16 years, the share is 1.0%, from 1.2% last year and 1.3% last quarter.

BBC Radio 4
Radio 4 has also seen its audience emerge a little battered, shedding 450,000 listeners compared with 12 months earlier, to give 10.53 million. Its share of listening is 11.6%, compared to 12.2% last quarter and 12.1% last year. The Today programme has 6.71 million listeners each week, from 6.97m last year and 7.06m last quarter. Radio 4 Extra attracted 1.57 million listeners per week (from last quarter’s 1.66m and last year’s 1.57m).

BBC Radio 5Live (and Sports Extra)

Radio 5live posted a combined reach with sister station 5live sports extra of 6.44 million listeners, from 6.33m last quarter and 6.32m last year. Share for Radio 5live (inc. sports extra) is 4.4% (4.5% last year and 4.3% last quarter). 5live’s reach – without 5live sports extra – was 6.28 million, compared to 6.04m last year and 6.17m last quarter.

BBC Asian Network
Asian Network recorded a weekly audience of 552,000 (reporting on 6mths).

BBC 6 Music
6 Music overtakes Radio 3 for the first time drawing 1.89 million listeners (down from 1.93m last quarter and 1.79m last quarter). 6 Music’s audience has doubled since a public campaign saved it from a proposed closure in 2010.

BBC Regional


BBC Local Radio in England now reaches 6.8m listeners each week (compared to 7.2m last year and 6.9m last quarter) and BBC London posted a reach of 572,000 – its largest audience under the current methodology and up from 443,000 last quarter and 492,000 last year.

Individually, year on year increases in audience for BBC Hereford & Worcester, BBC London 94.9, BBC Oxford 95.2FM, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Leicester and BBC Radio York.


Whilst BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Wiltshire/Swindon, BBC Somerset and BBC Three Counties Radio all posted losses of more than 10% in reach year on year.


BBC Radio Wales saw a 34,000 fall in its weekly listeners to 430,000, but its listener share rose.

Listener numbers of the BBC’s Welsh language service Radio Cymru have risen since its new schedule was introduced. About 147,000 people now tune into the station each week – up 4,000 in the past three months.




Great news at UTV’s talkSPORT, which now attracts 3.4 million listeners overall, and has a 17% increase in listening hours year on year. Listening in London is up 34% year-on-year and the station reports it has its highest ever listening figures for the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast at 1.5m.

Juice FM

Juice FM in Liverpool gains a listener increase of 25% year on year.

Bauer Radio

Bauer saw quarterly gains across all of its major stations in Q2 as its total portfolio reaches 16.8 million listeners (up 12% year on year). Bauer also posted their highest ever digital listening hours (50.8%) of all listening to Bauer Radio stations (compared to industry average of 36.8%).

Planet Rock

Planet Rock saw a 15.7% dip in reach year-on-year, from 1,296,000 in Q2 2013 to 1,092,000 in Q2 2014. But it earned a slight gain of 0.6% compared to Q1 2014, when the station’s reach stood at 1,085,000. Planet Rock’s share stayed firm at 0.7%.

Heat Radio
Heat radio, which has just announced its newest signing – Hollywood insider Ryan Seacrest – has demonstrated significant year on year growth, now reaching a record 892,000 listeners, up 13% year on year.

Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio Network saw a slight year-on-year dip in reach during Q2 2014, with its latest RAJAR figures standing at 3,760,000 – down 0.2% from 3,543,000. That did, however, represent a 6.1% increase on Q1.The network’s share stood at 2.4% compared to 2.5% in the previous quarter. A record 82% of listening to the Absolute Radio Network is via a digital device. The Absolute Radio Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show has achieved a record network reach of 1.5 million, driven by a pioneering approach which gives listeners the choice of different decade themed playlists.


The previous quarter saw Magic sitting proudly as number one commercial station in the capital but with their current posting of 1.94m listeners, they have slipped to 2nd place, lagging behind Capital by over 200k listeners. The brands UK reach for Q2 2014 stood at 3,508,000, up 2.2% on the previous quarter (3,432,000) but down 3% Year on year (Q2 13: 3,618,000). Magic 105.4’s Neil Fox attracted 786,000 Londoners, a decrease of 1.7 per cent year on year and slipping into third place from second in the first quarter of 2014. Magic claimed a share of 1.9% in Q2 2014, down on the previous quarter where it earned 2.1%.


Kiss FM’s national reach stood at 4,633,000 in Q2 2014 – a 6.4% increase year-on-year (up from 4,354,000 in Q2 2013) and a 0.5% quarter-on-quarter (up from 4,612,000). Kiss UK’s share stood at 2.6% in Q2 2014, up compared to its 2.5% share in Q1 14 and its 2.1% share in Q2 2013. The KISS Breakfast Show with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie has increased its UK audience to 1.5 million (up 28% year on year).

Other Bauer:

London, Magic 105.4 increases its reach to 1.9 million (up 3% year on year).

Manchester’s Key 103, delivers an audience of 558,000 (up 37% year on year)

Liverpool’s Radio City has an audience of 439,000 (up 3% year on year)

Newcastle’s Metro Radio has grown its listeners to 436,000 (up 13% year on year)

Edinburgh’s Forth 1 also increases its audience to 332,000 (up 0.3% year on year)

Global Radio

Global has recorded its highest ever group RAJAR, fuelled by the takeover of former GMG Radio stations. Stations previously known as Real Radio are now listed as Heart, but the Q2 figures only includes half of the quarter under the new brand. It’s a little premature to really discover the full impact Heart has had, however it is clear that it is business as usual under the former Real brand, except in Scotland where the regional station has dropped to an all-time low of 421,000 compared to 488,000 a year ago. However, in South Wales and Yorkshire, the numbers are up 50,000 in three months at both stations. Across the group, Global listeners now stand at 23.2m every week, its highest ever. Heart network total listening hours are up by 2.7m from 63.6m to 66.2m.


While Global’s top station in terms of listening hours, LBC Network (UK), was down -4.6% over the period


XFM London has lost 33,000 listeners in London, but gained 65,000 in Manchester. In Scotland, XFM has 90,000 compared with Real XS on the same frequency which had 69,000 last survey.


Capital FM has returned to the number one commercial spot in London with over two million listeners, separating them and 2nd place Magic. The station has added 290,000 listeners in the last three months to take it to 2.2m reach. The good news for Capital London included a return to form with its breakfast show hosted by Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, the winners of the Best UK Breakfast Show of the Year at the Radio Academy Awards 2014 in May. Although the pair’s weekly audience had slipped down to 923,000 in the first quarter of 2014, listeners have since returned, with 1.11 million of the capital’s radio audience tuning in each week during Q2, up 0.6 per cent year on year.

Capital XTRA

Capital XTRA drops 50% in London, while sister station Capital FM returns to top spot in London as the most listened to commercial station, XTRA has shed almost half its listeners in London.

The station had 680,000 listeners a year ago when it was operating as Choice, but has reported a drop of 47.4% to 358,000 listeners today in London only.

Smooth Radio

The Smooth Radio brand, on Communicorp owned stations, has reached a recent high in London, with 216,000 extra listeners taking reach from 565,000 to 781,000. In the North West, the station now has 1.1m listeners whilst the network has its highest ever at 4.6m.

Orion Media

Free Radio & Gem 106

Good news for Orion Medias radio brands as total listening for Free Radio and Gem 106, increased by 3% over the last three months.

The Q2 figures also show that Free Radio is the most listened to commercial radio brand in its West Midlands area. Total listening (for Free FM + Free 80s combined) grew by 15% over the same period. The number of listeners also increased, by 4% over the same period, with 734,000 people tuning in every week.


Kent’s kmfm have added 21,500 listeners over the last quarter which means a total of more than 170,000 adults across the county are now listening each week. The biggest increase was among 15 to 44-year-olds, with audience figures up by more than a quarter in this category.

Premier Christian Radio

Premier Christian Radio, which is on AM in London and nationally on DAB had a 147% increase in audience year on year. This station now has almost a quarter of a million listeners.

July 9, 2014

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Bacon, Fogarty and Derbyshire set to leave the station after a major re-shuffle.

Having made quite a noise about their 20th anniversary just a couple of months ago, the news that 5 live is due for a major scheduling reshuffle – which will see three of their most high profile on-air talent leaving later this year – may come as a surprise to some. It really shouldn’t. It’s something which has been on the cards for months (and, incidentally, something which we’ve been predicting in our Broadcast Landscape Workshops for the past year).

This move needs to be seen in the context of the wider BBC picture: as the corporation approaches Royal Charter renewal, Director General Tony Hall – who actually launched the station 20 years ago – is adamant that if the BBC is to prosper it needs to redefine how it operates in the digital age. As such, Hall has tasked the heads of all of the corporation’s TV and Radio channels take a good hard look at their schedules and ask themselves: “are we still fit for purpose?”

So whilst the departure of Bacon, Fogarty and Derbyshire – who have been crucial to the station posting their most successful listening figures over the past few years – might seem risky, these kind of changes are something which we’ve already seen in recent months across the Beeb (see BBC3); moreover, it’s something we can expect to see more across the corporation over the coming months and years leading up to the Charter renewal in 2016.

Indeed, when markettiers4dc spoke to 5 live’s managing editor, Paul Blakeley, about the station turning 20 earlier this year, he pointed to their recent successes and move up to Salford being of crucial importance to the network but insisted the need for the station not to rest on its laurels if it wants to stay a ‘world class operator’. One suspects the same is true of every BBC outlet at the moment.

July 7, 2014

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The very best in commercial radio was celebrated last week at The Arqiva Awards. Now in its 19th year, the event was held at London’s Westminster Bridge Park Plaza hotel and was, as always, a star studded evening – Olly Murs and Ella Eyre both performing live.

Christian O’Connell (who also hosted the awards) picked up three awards as part of Absolute Radio’s four wins. O’Connell also announced during the event that after 7 years, he will not continue to present the Radio Awards in 2015.

Of the many radio stations that were nominated, including Classic FM, XFM, LBC, Absolute Radio came out on top with a total of four awards including:

Presenter of the Year
Christian O’Connell

Breakfast Show of the Year
Christian O’Connell

Feature(s) of the Year
Christian O’Connell

Radio Station Event of the Year
The Absolute Radio Session.

LBC came in close second with three awards of their own including:

Station of the Year

Single Program or Broadcast of the Year
The Funeral of Margaret Thatcher

Social Action Initiative
Slavery on Our Streets

Metro Radio’s Steve and Karen picked up Presenter of the Year impressively for the second year running and Metro Radio’s Chris Pegg was awarded the RCS Programmer of the Year.

Olly Murs, the British artist that has swept through the music industry since his near win on X-Factor won the Most Played UK Artist on Commercial Radio.




June 18, 2014

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We are delighted to have won three trophies at the CIPR Excellence Awards last night, making us the most awarded organisation of the evening.

Our ‘Slime Watch’ campaign with Bayer Animal Health and Pegasus won the highly contested Healthcare campaign as well as the CIPR’s special award, Best Use of Research, Planning, Measurement & Evaluation.

The judges commented:
“Incredibly impactful, creative campaign that achieved increased awareness of lungworm in dogs and scored significant uplift in sales. The initiative was ‘grounded’ in ecological fact-based study that came to life in a range of targeted media channels. The campaign resonated with consumers (pet owners) without alienating the important Vet community. The insights that drove the creative approach were also clear and compelling. The technology used to track snails and slugs was not a gimmick – it was central to telling the story visually and highlighting the risk. The Slime Watch campaign stood out as an outstanding submission in a highly contested category which included a number of strong entries.”

We also won Best Broadcast campaign for our on-going work with previously unknown Australian law firm Slater & Gordon, who dominated the UK broadcast media throughout 2013.

The judges commented:
“Here was a clear recognition of the value of broadcasting in demonstrating thought leadership. The judges were impressed by the long term commitment to creating brand awareness through consistently providing ‘experts’ for broadcast coverage, plus an ability to be responsive to the news agenda becoming seen as a valued and trusted resource by broadcasters. The team also showed courage in taking their brand into new areas to help with a business focus on raising the local profile of this international legal firm. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this award recognizes a commitment to day in day out excellence in managing an effective broadcast press office.”

The prestigious CIPR Excellence Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals, in-house teams and agencies across all sectors of the profession. The 2014 competition had approximately 700 entries, with shortlisted entrants required to participate in a face-to-face interview with an expert panel of judges. The black-tie event was held at Old Billingsgate in London last night with drinks on the outside terrace overlooking the Shard and River Thames. Comedienne, Jo Caulfield, presented the evening on behalf of the CIPR to over 800 PR practitioners from the UK and overseas.

Quote from CIPR President, Stephen Waddington MCIPR
“The standard of winners and strength of the competition tonight are proof that there has never been such an exciting time to work in public relations. Our reputation as a profession is built by the kinds of campaigns, teams and professionals receiving these accolades. Congratulations to the winners; they should be proud that their award-winning expertise plays a key role, and delivers business benefit, within every area of a modern organisation.”

Quote from Howard Kosky, CEO of markettiers4dc Group
“It is fantastic for us to be recognised by the industry, especially by a highly regarded and competitive Awards programme such as CIPR Excellence. Our awards with Slater & Gordon, Bayer Animal Health and Pegasus are testament to long successful working relationships between the markettiers4dc team and our clients.”

June 16, 2014

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Following events in Edinburgh, Bristol and Birmingham the PRCA DARE programme is in full swing!

Delegates at the conferences have heard from a number of leading communications professionals from across the country who have discussed key industry and regional issues affecting businesses. Speakers have included John Penman, Lloyds Banking Group; Blair Metcalfe, Ogilvy Public Relations and Stuart Williamson, Nationwide Building Society – to name just a few!

Furthermore, the awards ceremonies have showcased some excellent work from agencies and in-house communications teams – we were particularly pleased to see Seafish and Citypress pick up an award for the ‘See You Home Safe’ campaign which the markettiers4dc team were involved in.

We’re looking forward to the next two events in Leeds and Brighton. If you’re wondering what to expect, check out this short video we produced from this year’s conference in Edinburgh featuring Lesley Clark, PRCA Scotland Chair and Claire Smith, Head of Marketing and PR, Scottish Government.

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The World Cup is finally here and to enjoy the games in optimum comfort we installed a pop-up bar in our Clerkenwell studios. Clients and markettiers4dc staff members alike are invited to watch any match in the tournament with a Brahma beer or mojito in-hand (non-Brazilian themed beverages will also be served!). #WorldCupPopUp

We’ve been working with our friends at Flybe again, this time for their Annual Results Announcement. We secured a number of interviews for their CEO Saad Hammad from our studios; including Reuters, multiple hits on CNBC, Radio 4, BBC Breakfast and BBC News Channel, as well as a host of regional stations.

On Tuesday we worked with the Red Consultancy to launch The Big Bee Experiment for their client EDF. The experiment is part of a longer term campaign to get children and young people enjoying science more. Our two spokespeople Dallas Campbell from BBC’s Bang Goes The Theory and Dr Helen Roy, Community Ecologist for the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, enjoyed a day of broadcast interviews on 21 stations including Sky Sunrise, BBC Three Counties, BBC Radio Tees and Radio City.

The Blue Cross were in the studio on Thursday launching a new campaign to encourage dog owners to sign up to a responsibility pledge. The pledge asks dog owners to make sure their dog is safe around others, to teach their dog to come back when called, to always bag and bin dog poo and to make sure their four legged friends are a joy and never a nuisance. Standout coverage included two live hits on BBC Breakfast in the morning, followed by a schedule of 20 radio interviews, including 11 regional BBC stations and an interview on ITV Central.




June 9, 2014

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On Tuesday we welcomed legendary bird-watcher Bill Oddie to the studios who discussed his battle with hearing loss on the radio after being unable to hear many of his favourite birds for nearly five years. Because of this, Specsavers Hearcare have launched an online bird call web page to allow users to test their hearing against the calls of common British birds. Working with Beattie Communications, we drove awareness of the new initiative, securing 15 radio interviews across 18 stations for the campaign.

This week we also worked with Escapade PR on behalf of 3M Post-it to deliver a broadcast campaign which encouraged women to achieve their life goals by submitting them on the Post-It ‘Make It Happen’ fund to be entered in prize draw to win £1,500 to go towards achieving it. To drive awareness of the fund we worked with the ‘Thinking Woman’s Coach’ Jessica Chivers.  Ahead of the broadcast day a good range of interviews were set up across national, regional BBC and commercial programming, with key hits including KISS FM, BBC Tees and Q Radio Network.


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